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Feel your body

Who are we?

Nallu is a small startup interested in a healthier way of walking. We are on a path of being one with nature and respecting our bodies. We create our products in a small town called Slavičín in the middle of the White Carpathians, following a long tradition of shoe making. Our sandals are created exclusively from materials made in the Czech Republic. We have been thinking for a long time about what would be best for our feet. We were certain that we wanted to give our feet complete freedom.

Regular shoes do not match the natural shape of our feet. Over time, we have numbed our feet and we had to adjust our way of walking to it. Therefore, the stimuli we felt when walking barefoot have disappeared. That is why we want to get back to our roots and let our feet and body experience the world to the fullest. Each of us is unique, we have different bodies and foot structures. Our main goal is to produce bespoke and minimalist shoes.

We have developed a foot detection system that helps us measure customer‘s foot based on drawings and photos. Based on that we can make bespoke sandals that fit everyone. But that's not all, we are gradually improving our products and looking for new challenges for the future. We further analyze the photos and these help us to develop new products. We are not afraid to experiment and take on anything extraordinary. We see our life as a path and every next step moves us forward.

We strive to change the view of footwear

We would like to help you feel your feet again

We want our shoes to respect the movement of your body

We want to produce functional, high-quality, and healthy footwear