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Connected with the Earth

Important documents

In order to make our bespoke sandals, we use specialised detenction method that is constantly evolving and improving. With this technology, we are able to measure the customer’s foot with the use of a drawn foot outline and photos of the foot itself.

And how does it work?

  1. First, pick the style of sandals that you like.
  2. After you fill in all your details, you will receive an email with a link to an application
  3. There you will find detailed instructions with a video to guide you through the process.To be able to measure the size of your sole, we need you to take a photo of the foot outline drawn on an A4-sized paper.
  4. It is crucial that the entire A4-sized paper, including all 4 corners, is visible in the photo.
  5. Next, we need a picture of your foot showing the inner side and a picture of the top of your foot
  6. Upload all photos to the application.
  7. Finally, check that all your details in the questionnaire are correct and submit the order.
  8. Now, we have everything what we need to make your bespoke sandals.

Czech Republic









The Sandals can be cleaned using lukewarm water with a brush or a cloth. If the sandals are very dirty, regular laundry detergents can be used (not applicable to Nallu Natural). Machine washing is not recommended. If you own Nallu Natural or Nallu Colour, do not soak the leather parts of the sandals in water unnecessarily, instead, use a transparent shoe polish or leather grease. Do not leave the sandals in direct sunlight.

Our feet carry us all our lives and constantly ground us. Our goal is to awaken and activate their function and their potencial. Healthy feet have an effect on posture which can also affect the health of our feet. If you are a barefoot-shoe beginner, we recommend first walking shorter distance and choosing sandals with better shock absorption. It is important that the feet are first strenghtened and accustomed to a new style of walking with shorter gait and shifting weight on the outside of the foot. Your should not be stomping in barefoot shoes.

The four main phases of a step

  1. Contact with the pad: the heel stands gently and upright, the deep muscles of the front leg are ready for suspension
  2. Load: heel stands upright, knee is pointing straight ahead, lower back is extended
  3. Unwinding: forefoot – heel – knee is in one line, groin relaxed
  4. Take-off: after take-off, the fingers remain relaxed
způsob chůze

Source: LARSEN, CH. Healthy walking all live: ČR-2005, Poznání publishing house, ISBN 80-86606, ISBN 80-86606

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