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Free your body


It is a return to a natural way of moving. Barefoot shoes are minimalist and respect the natural shape of the feet and all their needs

Yes, but! Barefoot shoes are suitable for anyone who has a positive attitude towards movement and wants to start feeling their gait and body. When walking barefoot, the body experiences a new, different strain of the muscles in the foot and in the whole leg. Therefore, it is very important to start with barefoot walking gradually.

Imagine the process as going to the gym. When you exercise with dumbbells for the first time, you would not choose the heaviest weights right away. It takes some getting used to and the same applies to barefoot shoes. It is important to start gradually, strengthen the muscles of the feet and adjust to walking without any support.

However, barefoot shoes should not be confused with orthopedic and special medical shoes, we do not recommend them for people with serious orthopedic problems.

If you are new to barefoot walking we recommend you to start with shorter walks on natural surfaces and build up your tolerance. It is important that the foot is first strengthened and adjusted to a new style of walking, i.e. shorter steps and stepping on the outside of the foot. You should not put load on the heel and stomp when wearing barefoot shoes.

Yes, but it entirely depends on how much you are used to barefoot shoes and also on the surface you walk on. It is important to feel the way you move and follow the principles of appropriate walking in barefoot shoes.

Yes, but for beginners we recommend walking on naturally softer surfaces like grass or dirt. Beginners should also consider purchasing Nallu SOFT that has better shock absorption. When walking on concrete and other hard surfaces, it is necessary to think about your gait and that your steps are not protected by a cushioned sole.

We offer four types of sandals -

Nallu Basic: rubber sole, rubber insole, synthetic fiber strap, microfiber label

Nallu Soft: evac sole, microfiber insole, synthetic fiber strap, microfiber label

Nallu Colour: rubber sole, rubber insole, synthetic fiber strap, leather label

Nallu Natural: rubber sole, leather insole, synthetic fiber strap, leather label

If the sandals are fitted correctly, nothing should pull, put pressure or create other discomfort. The strap is made of finely woven synthetic fiber and is adjustable exactly to your foot. However, it entirely depends on how sensitive your skin is. Especially after winter it may take some getting used to.

Do you have more questions?

Write to us and ask us directly.